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    91制片厂 strives to create a positive, supportive, and engaging online learning community.

    Birdville uses student-centered online programs aligned with the Texas TEKS, customized to follow the district scope and sequence that encourages interactive learning. The Birdville online learning team ensures that students and teachers have instant access to quality resources that meet students’ diverse learning needs and propel them towards success.

    91制片厂 believes that the self-directed student can successfully drive their own learning when confident, motivated, and organized. Online learning allows these driven students a chance to learn at their own pace, at their own time, and on their own personalized learning path.

    Program Goals

    • Increase flexibility in learning by expanding scheduling options for Birdville students
    • Enhance current support systems for students taking online courses.   This includes: orientation, registration, supplemental instruction, accessibility, advising and technical assistance.
    • Increase the 91制片厂 graduation rate (2022 90.1%)
    • Develop and market online programs to boost the Birdville brand
    • Create a seamless transition for students entering and exiting alternative campuses and students transferring from out of district


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    Tammy Daniel, MEd

    Online Learning Coordinator

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